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Everybody knows the friendly woman living inside every iPhone – Siri is the voice-controlled assistant that helps you with useful functions like setting location-specific reminders, calling your mother or giving you the right directions to the next Starbucks. However, a lot of people barely even use Siri or just ask fun questions like “What is the meaning of life?” or “Will you marry me?”. Even tough there is a lot you can do with this helpful tool to organize and simplify your everyday life.

Overview of siri commands

All Siri commands in one PDF

It is about time to learn more about the endless possibilities of Siri commands and questions. From checking your calendar and dates, to sending an email or setting the alarm for tomorrow morning: Siri can give you a shortcut to the basic and complex features of your iPhone – you just need to ask the right questions! Therefore we present you a list of commands and questions that you should definitely try out. Just click the button and download the full list of useful Siri commands for free!

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Advantages and functions of the virtual assistant

Siri is an intelligent Apple software that is programmed to work as your personal assistant. The name Siri is an acronym for “Speech interpretation recognition interface”, so it is no surprise that voice-recognition is a big part of the deal. Via voice-commands you can control different functions on your iPhone or iPad. For example you can send messages, check your mails or navigate yourself to any destination. The more developed your current iOS-version is, the more tasks can Siri take over for you. In this way the assistant works like a gateway between the smartphone-user and the technology of the phone. To activate Siri go to Settings > and make sure that the virtual assistant is turned on.

Siri is always ready to help. Even if you currently don’t have a free hand, but you desperately need to text a friend – for example during workout-sessions, while you charge the phone or when you just painted your fingernail. Siri is so user-friendly that you can activate the tool without even touching the phone, just say “Hey Siri” plus the right commands and the assistant is ready to roll. Furthermore you can customize your Siri settings: You want to talk to the assistant over your headphones, in your car or when the phone is locked? No problem at all!

One big advantage of the tool is the saving of time. Any time you need a particular picture, contact or piece of information, the assistant brings it to you in a matter of seconds. Siri searches simultaneously the internal memory and the internet and can give you a broad answer to your question. It can even open, close and buy new applications – the user only needs to know the right Siri commands which you can gather from our category-list.

Smart Home with Siri

Since the release of iOS 10 iPhone users can easily and securely control electronic devices with the Home app. Siri makes your Smart Home experience even easier: The virtual assistant knows all the HomeKit-enabled accessories and devices in your home as well as their specific status. By giving certain voice commands or asking to turn an appliance on or off Siri can help you to control your home with barely any effort. To connect an electronic device to the Home app, it has to be compatible with the HomeKit framework. Nowadays there are more than 50 brands worldwide that provide HomeKit-enabled accessories for your Smart Home. Each device is reviewed and approved by Apple to ensure your security. Look for the symbol „Works with Apple HomeKit“ to find HomeKit-enabled products. You can set up a new HomeKit accessory to work with the Home app by scanning the HomeKit code on the product or its instructions.

One of the Home app’s main features is that it groups accessories by room which makes the HomeKit not only more structured, but also easier to control. By grouping it you can easily tell Siri to only control devices in a certain room. For example, you can ask her to „Turn off the bedroom lights“. It is also possible to create scenes that enable multiple accessories to work in a specific combination. For example, you can set the scene „Good Morning“ which warms up the house, opens the blinds and turns on the coffee maker. By setting the most frequently used combinations you can optimize your Smart Home situation.

Siri HomeKit commands and questions

  • Turn on/off the lights
  • Dim the [room] lights
  • Set the brightness to 50 %
  • Are any lights on?
  • Turn on the front yard sprinklers
  • Cool the house to [temperature]
  • Turn up the air conditioning
  • Make it warmer upstairs/downstairs
  • Make it cooler
  • What´s the temperature in [name] room?
  • What´s the temperature in here?
  • What is the air quality right now?
  • Close/Open the blinds
  • Turn on/off the radio
  • Lock/Open the front door
  • It´s movie night
  • I´m home
  • Good night
  • Good morning
  • Party time

HomePod – the intelligent home music speaker

Apple recently launched a new wireless home music speaker alongside Google Home and Amazon Alexa: HomePod. HomePod is not only a music speaker designed to work with Apple Music, but also a home assistant designed to control smart home devices by giving voice commands to Siri. Thus it is a combination of good sound quality and intelligence.

For example you can ask Siri to change the music and tell her if you enjoy a song. Based on your preferences there will be new music recommendations. By saying „Hey Siri“ you can also ask her to control HomeKit-enabled accessories all over the house.

Siri HomePod Lautsprecher


HomePod features a high-excursion woofer with a custom amplifier designed to play a wide range of deep bass sounds. It has seven tweeters to focus the sound and to create the best possible sound quality. Furthermore, the speaker includes six microphones to give voice commands to Siri even when the music is playing. HomePod also automatically analyzes the acoustics in the room and adjusts the sound based on its location. As known from iPhones and iPads, HomePod features an A8-chip for maximum performance. In addition to its technology, the speaker comes with an appealing design and can be purchased in either black or white.

Overview of Siri commands

You want to try out the different Siri functions on your iPhone? Here, you can get the full list of useful commands and questions organized by category groups. You can also download all commands as useful PDF. Have fun browsing around the endless possibilities of Siri commands – maybe you’ll find new and interesting features!

Siri commands – phone calls

  • Call [name]
  • Call [number]
  • Call my husband/wife
  • FaceTime call to [name]
  • Redialing
  • Play me my latest voicemail
  • Call [name] mobile
  • Call [name] home
  • Call [name] work
  • Play me the latest voicemail from [name]
  • Call the nearest restaurant
  • FaceTime Audio call to [name]
  • Call [name] on speakerphone

Siri questions and commands – contracts

  • How old is [name]?
  • When is [name]‘s birthday?
  • What‘s [name]‘s address?
  • Where is [name]?
  • Is [name] at home?
  • Show me [name]
  • Where lives [name]?
  • Where is the office of [name]?
  • Find number of [name]
  • How old is [name]?

Siri commands – web search

  • Search the web for videos of [name/topic]
  • Search the web for pictures of [name/topic]
  • Search Wikipedia for [topic]
  • Search the web for [topic]
  • Show me
  • Search the web for news of [topic]
  • Show me pictures of [topic]
  • Show me videos of [topic]
  • Search Google/Bing/Yahoo for [topic]
  • Search Google for pictures of [topic]
  • What’s the definition of [topic]?

Siri questions and commands – alarms, timer & clock

  • Wake me up at [time]
  • What time is it?
  • What time is it in [country/city]?
  • What is the time at home?
  • What is the time zone in [country/city]?
  • Alarm [time]
  • Alarm in [x hours]
  • Wake me up in [x hours]
  • Wake me up every [weekday] [time]
  • Change my [name] alarm to [time]
  • Set an alarm for [date] at [time]
  • What’s the date?
  • Disable alarm for [date] at [time]
  • Enable alarm
  • Disable alarm
  • Disable alarm at [time]
  • Delete all alarms
  • Change my [name] alarm from [time] to [time]
  • Timer [minutes/seconds]
  • Pause the timer
  • Check the timer
  • Stop the timer
  • Resume the timer
  • Countdown [minutes/seconds]

Siri questions and commands – time, date calculation & mathematics

  • How many days until New Year/Christmas/Halloween?
  • How many days until [date]?
  • How many days until year [date]?
  • How many years until [date]?
  • What is [mm:ss] in hours?
  • What day is in [x months/years]?
  • What year is in [x years] after [date]?
  • What day was [x days] ago?
  • How many days until the birthday of [name]?
  • What‘s [number] minus [x percent]?
  • What‘s [number] minus/plus [number]?
  • What‘s [number] divided by [number]?
  • What‘s [number] multiplied by [number]?
  • Square root of [number]?
  • What is [x percent] of [number]?
  • What‘s [number] to the power of [number]?
  • What are [x euro] in [dollar]?
  • What are [x metres] in [yards]?
  • How much should I tip on [x dollar]?
  • What day is [x days] before [date]?
  • What day is in [x days/weeks/months]?
  • Which day is Halloween/Valentine’s Day/Easter this year?
  • How many hours until [event]?

Siri questions and commands – weather

  • What’s the weather going to be like in [city] on [date]?
  • Do I need an umbrella for tomorrow/this afternoon/tomorrow?
  • What’s the temperature outside?
  • What’s the temperature tomorrow/this evening/tonight?
  • Is it windy outside?
  • What’s the weather going to be like in [city] on [date]?
  • Is there a chance of rain next week in [city]?
  • Is there a chance of rain this evening?
  • How humid is it outside?
  • How humid is it in [city]?
  • When is the sunset?
  • When is the sunrise?
  • When is the sunset [date] in [city]?
  • When is the sunrise [date] in [city]?
  • What’s the weather like?
  • Do I need sunglasses for tomorrow/this afternoon/tomorrow?
  • What’s the temperature in [city]?
  • What’s the perceived temperature outside?
  • What’s the perceived temperature in [city]?
  • What’s the visibility outside?
  • What’s the pressure outside?
  • What’s the tide table for [city]?
  • What’s the current dew point?

Siri commands – messaging, email & SMS

  • Send a message to [name]
  • Read my new messages
  • Text [name]: [text]
  • Message [name]: [text]
  • Any new email from [name]?
  • Show me new messages from [name]
  • Add to the message
  • Reply
  • Review it
  • Change it
  • Show me new emails from [name]
  • Show me last email from [name]
  • Send an email to [name]
  • Send an email to [name] subject [text]
  • Show me all emails from [date]
  • Delete all emails from [date]
  • Check email
  • Read my messages
  • Text [name]: I’ll be late/see you later/I’m on the way
  • Show me last message from [name]

Siri questions and commands – calendar & dates

  • What does my calendar look like on [weekday]?
  • Show me the appointments for [date]
  • When is my next appointment?
  • When am I meeting with [name]?
  • Create a recurring event every [weekday] at [time] called [name]
  • Create an event on [date] at [time] called [name]
  • Where is my next appointment?
  • Invite [name] to [name of appointment]
  • Move my [appointment] with [name] to [time]
  • Read Calendar
  • Show me my next appointment
  • Where do I meet [name]?
  • When do I meet [name]?
  • Show me the appointments for next week/next month
  • Cancel my [name of event] from [date]
  • Change this appointment to [date]
  • Cancel my event with [name]

Siri commands – notes & reminders

  • Remind me today: call [name]
  • Remind me [date] at [time] to [action]
  • Remind me [date] to [action]
  • Remind me to [action] next time I’m here
  • Remind me to [action] next time I leave my home
  • Remind me to [action]
  • Remind me in two hours/two weeks to [action]
  • Add [item] to the Grocery list
  • Note: [text]
  • Show me my notes from tomorrow/today/next week
  • Delete the reminder [name]
  • Add a reminder
  • Remind me
  • Create a list [name]
  • Show me my [name of list]
  • Show me my notes
  • Show me my notes from [date]
  • Note [text]

Siri commands – learning

  • Call me king/sweetheart/master
  • Learn to pronounce my name
  • [name] is my mother/sister/girlfriend/niece/aunt
  • [name] is my father/brother/boyfriend/nephew/uncle

Siri commands – photos

  • Show all my photos
  • Show me my photos of today/yesterday/last week
  • Show me my photos from [city]
  • Show my selfies
  • Show my favorite photos

Siri commands – stocks

  • What’s the [stock name] price?
  • What’s the [stock name] today?
  • Compare [stock name] with [stock name]
  • What did [stock name] close at today?
  • How are the markets doing

Siri questions and commands – settings & device control

  • Activate [function]
  • Enable [function]
  • Activate Airplane mode
  • Deactivate Airplane mode
  • Is [function] enabled?
  • Increase brightness
  • Decrease brightness
  • Maximum brightness
  • Minimum brightness
  • Open the [name] settings
  • Turn on Night Mode
  • Turn off Night Mode
  • Activate Do Not Disturb
  • Deactivate Do Not Disturb
  • Turn on Low Power Mode
  • Turn off Low Power Mode
  • Open settings
  • Turn on Bluetooth
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Turn on Wi-Fi
  • Turn off Wi-Fi
  • Turn on Cellular Data
  • Turn off Cellular Data

Siri questions and commands – maps & navigation

  • Navigate to home
  • Take me home
  • Where are we?
  • Stop navigation
  • Navigate to [name]
  • Navigate to [name] by foot/car/transport
  • What is my altitude?
  • Call me a cab
  • I want beer/cocktails/pizza/burger
  • What is the population of [city/country]?
  • What’s the capital of [country]?
  • Show me the nearest McDonalds/cinema/restaurant/hotel
  • How far away is [city]?
  • Where is [attraction]?
  • Distance between here and [city]?
  • What are some attractions around here?
  • Is the [attraction] open now?
  • Map of [city/country]
  • Show me the traffic
  • Show me traffic in [city]

Siri commands – music

  • Play some music
  • Next song
  • Previous song
  • Pause this song
  • Repeat this song
  • Play this song from the beginning
  • Skip
  • Play [title] by [artist]
  • Play the newest song by [artist]
  • Play some jazz/hip hop/dance/house/pop
  • Listen to [artist]
  • Play [name] playlist
  • Shuffle my [name] playlist
  • Play top 10 songs from [artist]
  • Play top 10 songs from [year]
  • What’s this song?
  • Who sings this?
  • What song is playing?
  • I like this song
  • Play more like this
  • Play the rest of this album
  • Rate this song with [x stars]
  • Play podcasts
  • Play [name of podcast]
  • Play [name of radio station]
  • Play something else by [artist]
  • What was the top song in [year]?
  • Play something [mood]
  • What is the newest album by [artist]?
  • When was this song released?
  • Play [song] after this song
  • Who´s the drummer in this?
  • Play the [film] soundtrack
  • Add this to my [name] playlist
  • Play some lullabies in the baby´s room
  • Play something new

Siri commands – apps & app store

  • Download [app]
  • Open [app]
  • Start [app]
  • Search for games/productivity apps/cooking apps/fitness apps
  • Take a photo/picture
  • Take a video
  • Post to Facebook/Twitter: [text]
  • Show me the latest t weets
  • Show me tweets from [name]
  • Play [app]
  • Uninstall [app]
  • Open mail
  • Launch [app]

Siri questions – stars & celebrities

  • How old is [star]?
  • Is [star] still alive?
  • When is [star]‘s birthday?
  • Where was [star] born?
  • How tall is [star]?
  • Who is [star] married to?
  • Which movies are with [star]?
  • Which songs are from [star]?
  • How many oscars won [star]?
  • Who wrote [book]?
  • Who invented [item]?
  • Where died [star]?
  • When died [star]?

Siri questions and commands – knowledge

  • How high is [mountain/building]?
  • How many calories in a chocolate/coke/apple?
  • How many teeth does a [name of animal] have?
  • How far away is [planet]?
  • How long do [animals] live?
  • How many bones does a [name of animal] have?
  • Where do [animals] live?
  • How many elements are found in nature?
  • How old was the oldest [person/dog/animal]?
  • How big is the biggest [human/animal]?
  • How small is the smallest [human/animal]?
  • What’s the population in [city/country]?
  • Translate [word] from English in [language]
  • How do you say [word or sentence] in [language]?

Siri commands – dictation

Siri is not able to detect interpunctions automatically. But Siri can recognize and use the following punctuation marks, when you dictating these in your message:

  • Dot .
  • Comma ,
  • colon :
  • hyphen –
  • dash –
  • question mark ?
  • exclamation mark !
  • semicolon ;
  • open parenthesis (
  • close parenthesis  )
  • Anführungszeichen unten „
  • Anführungszeichen oben “
  • open bracket [
  • close bracket ]
  • open brace {
  • close brace }
  • apostrophe ‘
  • at sign @
  • ampersand &
  • asterisk *
  • euro sign €
  • plus sign +
  • minus sign –
  • percent sign %
  • dollar sign $
  • section sign §
  • hashtag or pound sign #
  • degree sign °
  • smiley face :-)
  • frowny face :-(
  • winky face ;-)
  • cross-eyed laughing face XD

Siri questions and commands – sports & spare time

  • When is the next [club] game?
  • Results from [club] last game?
  • Show me the results from NBA/NFL/CFL/NHL
  • Show me [club] season schedule
  • Show me NFL/CFL/NHL/NBA standings
  • Which NFL team has the most yards?
  • When is the Super Bowl?
  • Where is the Super Bowl?
  • Which teams play in the Super Bowl?
  • Show me career statistics for [name]
  • Best comedy movies?
  • Best horror movies?
  • Who acted in [movie]?
  • Show me all new movies
  • Show me the newest movies
  • Show me best family movies
  • Can you recommend a movie?
  • Movies with [actor/actress]
  • What movies are playing this evening/tomorrow/next saturday?
  • Play the trailer for [movie]
  • Table for two/three/four in [name of restaurant] tonight/tomorrow at [time]
  • Show me the reviews for [restaurant/movie]
  • Runtime of [movie]?
  • Which movie won Best Picture in [year]?
  • Find some movie theaters near my home
  • Buy two/three/four tickets to see [movie] in [city]
  • When was [movie] released?

Siri questions and commands – find persons & items

  • Where is [name]?
  • Where is my husband/wife/mother/father?
  • Locate my husband/wife/mother/father?
  • Is [name] at home?
  • Is [name] at work?
  • Is my husband/wife/mother/father at home?
  • Inform me when my husband/wife/mother/father is back home
  • Inform my husband/wife/mother/father when I’m back home
  • Inform my husband/wife/mother/father when I leave my office
  • Inform my husband/wife/mother/father when I arrive my office
  • Inform my husband/wife/mother/father when I leave my home
  • Where are you?
  • Where is my iPhone?
  • Where is my iPod?
  • Where is my iPad?
  • Where is my MacBook?
  • Where is the office of [name]?
  • What’s the address of [name]?
  • Who does this smartphone belong to?
  • Who does this iPhone belong to?
  • In which city lives [name]?
  • What’s the address of [name]‘s office?

Funny Siri Questions & Easter-Eggs

  • Beatbox
  • Flip a coin
  • Pick a card
  • Roll the dice
  • Tell me a story
  • What is better, Windows or Mac?
  • Why is your name Siri?
  • When is the end of the world?
  • Sing a song
  • Will you marry me?
  • Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?
  • Do you smoke?
  • I need to hide a body
  • Tell me a tongue twister
  • What is the best smartphone ever?

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